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Which wingfoil board to choose when you are a beginner ?

Which board to choose when you are a beginner in wingfoil ? Wingfoil is a sport that has become more and more popular over the years and it’s easy to see why ! The magical feeling of flying over the water as you please is unparalleled. However, when you are a beginner, it is possible to be a bit lost when faced with the wide range of offers. We explain how to make the best choice for your wing foil board according to your desires and your size.
When buying your first wingfoil board, we recommend you to choose a wingfoil package. This way you get all the equipment you need to get started at a reduced price. This is the best option when you want to start wingfoiling ! Click here to find our tips for choosing your wing foil package.

Step 1 : What size board to choose when you are a beginner in wingfoil ?

In wingfoil the volume of the board is a major characteristic that is often mentioned, it is always indicated in litres. When you are a beginner in wingfoil it is imperative to choose a board volume that is greater than your weight so that you can float. But by how much more ?
  • Your weight + 10 = minimum volume to float
  • Your weight + 30 = comfortable volume to start ( + 15 / 20 for sporty people or people who already practice a water sport )
Example : 70kg + 30 = 100 litres, this will allow a beginner to be really comfortable. For sportsmen and women and/or those who practice water sports such as surfing or windsurfing, it would be better to add only 15 or 20. That would be 70kg + 20 = 90 litres. However, if you would like to be reassured about your choice of board, you can contact us to discuss this. We will be happy to help you make the best possible choice.

Step 2 : Beginner wingfoil, choosing the right board size

When choosing your first wingfoil board you will need to choose the size of your board. At Sroka, our board sizes are designed to give you maximum performance. Our boards are sized to fit perfectly to the volume of the board. In this way our boards allow the rider to have a board that is easy to grip with the best possible glide. When choosing a board, you can rely solely on the volume of the board because you can be sure that the size will fit.
Be aware that this is not the case for all brands. A board that is too small for its volume will be thicker and therefore have less glide, directional instability and require more power. Shapes to avoid :
  • A board that is too long will have a lot of inertia and will be unpleasant to pump
  • A board that is too busy will have difficulty taking off, it will lack glide and its rails will tend to touch the water
  • A board that is too narrow will be very unstable laterally
  • Finally, a board that is too thick will have a “plug” effect on the water and will be unstable
These different shapes are to be favoured for specific practices once your tastes and your level are confirmed. At Sroka we have calculated the perfect ratios for all our rigid and inflatable wingfoil boards, so it’s impossible to get the wrong shape! Everything has been thought out so that our boards have an optimal shape that offers a great gliding sensation and great performance whatever your level.

Step 3 : Choosing an inflatable or rigid board for a beginner in wingfoil ?

At Sroka we want to offer you the product that best suits your needs. Our goal is not to find the best value for money, but to allow you to choose the product that will give you the most pleasure on the water. It is your needs and desires that will determine the best type of board for you.
Who is an inflatable board for ? Inflatable boards are ideal for people who want to go sailing from time to time, who don’t have a lot of space and who therefore want a board that is easy to transport. If you regularly go on holiday or live in the Paris region, you need space-saving equipment. The inflatable is made for you !
Who is a rigid board for ? Stiff boards are ideal for people who want to sail very regularly and therefore have no space problems. If you want to progress more quickly by going to the water often, then rigid boards are the best choice.
Note : well-built inflatable boards coupled with a quality sail and foil, are a very good and credible alternative. There is a tendency to think that an inflatable board does not allow you to progress, but this is not true! With a good inflatable board, like our Sroka Air, you will be able to have a lot of fun and achieve great performance during your sessions.

Step 4 : The importance of the construction and materials used for your board

When buying a board it is important to pay attention to the construction technology and the materials used. Not all brands have the same quality standards, so it’s important to pay attention. A high quality board will not only be more durable, but it will also give you better performance, better glide and a great feel. The best construction technology for a wingfoil board is Full Sandwich PVC. This is what we use on all our boards to ensure the highest level of quality (and therefore performance)! Sroka Company has always been committed to providing quality, durable, solid and high performing equipment. All of our products are designed with this in mind. What we want most of all is for every rider to be able to fully enjoy the thrill of wingfoil. That’s why we offer quality equipment that is perfectly designed for great performance and maximum fun, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Step 5 : Choosing your pack to start wingfoiling



What is the ideal wingfoil board for children and young teenagers ?

Sky Rider 4’8 and 5’2

Because not only adults can wingfoil, we have designed the Sky Riders 4’8 and 5’2 to suit experienced foilers as well as children and teenagers. With the aim of making wingfoil accessible to as many people as possible, the 4’8 and 5’2 are perfect for children or teenagers who want to discover the thrill of wingfoil and progress quickly. The Sky Rider 4’8 and 5’2 are the perfect boards for the whole family! They will allow the youngest to have fun in wingfoil and the parents to continue to progress. Our boards are built to last, and because of this durability and strength they will be used by all generations. It is the perfect board to accompany your family throughout their progression !

Sky Rider 4’8 et 5’2

Parce qu’il n’y a pas que les adultes qui ont le droit de faire du wing foil, nous avons pensé les Sky Riders 4’8 et 5’2 pour convenir aussi bien à des foilers expérimentés qu’à des enfants ou des ados. Toujours dans l’optique de rendre le wingfoil accessible au plus grand nombre, la 4’8 et la 5’2 seront parfaites pour des enfants ou ados souhaitant découvrir les sensations du wingfoil et progresser rapidement.

Les Sky Rider 4’8 et 5’2 sont les planches parfaites pour toute la famille ! Elles vont permettre aux plus jeunes de s’éclater en wingfoil et aux parents de continuer à progresser. Nos planches sont conçues pour durer, c’est grâce à cette durabilité et solidité maximale qu’elles vont pouvoir servir à toutes les générations. C’est la planche parfaite pour accompagner votre famille tout au long de sa progression !

Sroka Air 5’3

For those who are more into inflatables, the Sroka Air 5’3 wingfoil board will be ideal for children and teenagers who want to foil. It is shock resistant and can be reassuring in case of a fall. In addition to being extremely solid, its excellent overall rigidity offers very good performance and incredibly precise steering.

Sroka Air 5’3

For those who are more into inflatables, the Sroka Air 5’3 wingfoil board will be ideal for children and teenagers who want to foil. It is shock resistant and can be reassuring in case of a fall. In addition to being extremely solid, its excellent overall rigidity offers very good performance and incredibly precise steering.

The wing SUP to learn about wing foil

The wingSUP consists of catching the wind on an inflatable paddle board with a wing foil in your hands. It’s a great sport for anyone who wants to learn the basics of wing and start step by step. We are one of the only brands to offer Wing SUP packs. Our packs contain everything you need to get straight into the water. Composition of the pack :
  • SUP Malibu 10’6 : ultra strong inflatable paddle board that can be transformed into a windsurf sup or a kayak. Simply attach a mast (not included) and use it as a wind surf sup.
  • 3-part aluminium paddle
  • 3.3m or 4m wing
  • Double flow pump for wing and sup
  • Leash


If you have any questions about this, or any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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