SUP Foil SKY RIDER + S-Foil pack for Paddle Surf, Windfoil et Wing Foil

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SUP Foil SKY RIDER + S-Foil Pack

The versatile SUP Foil Pack to enjoy all the flying disciplines

This SUP Foil + S-Foil pack brings a whole new way to have fun in the water. Diversify your ways to ride between SUP Foiling, SUP Surfing, Windfoiling, Wake Foiling and Wing Foiling so you won’t miss any session! With a sufficient volume of 120 L and dimensions of 7’8 x 30, it is possible to foil or surf in any conditions. This board was made in Brittany with the French savoir-faire, it was tested in all types of conditions of wind and waves from 1 foot to 10 feet. Its volume and shape ensure a maximum stability for any body size or weight. It comes with 4 FCS fins for a quad set up during your paddle surfing sessions, and a mast plug to convert your SKY RIDER into a windsurfing/windfoiling board from only 10 knots of wind.

Size of the SKY RIDER : 7’8 x 30 » – 120 L

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The SUP Foil SKY RIDER + S-Foil pack is a plug and play pack that is just waiting for you!

You just get in the water with it and the S-Foil does the rest. This SUP Foil SKY RIDER + S-Foil pack is sold with optional board bag and foil bag for an optimal transport.

The SKY RIDER board can be turned into a windsurfing/windfoiling board with the mast plug situated at the center of the board.

Do you want to start Wind Foiling? Nothing easier with the SROKA SKY RIDER SUP Foil. The SKY RIDER guarantees a maximum of stability for a fast start in a stand up position on the board, even in choppy conditions.

The L, XL and XXL wings offer the perfect compromise of speed and lift to launch fast with a maximum control from the feet.

You don’t live in Hawaii? This is not a problem! Developped in Brittany and tested in any possible conditions, our SUP Foil + S-Foile pack adapts to your homespot easily for all the uses you need.

With the SKY RIDER you won’t miss any session wether it is SUP Foiling, Paddle surfing, Windfoiling or even Wing Foiling.

You can change the front wing size to adapt your foil to the conditions or discipline.

We recommend to use the following configurations for each discipline :

  • Paddle Surfing / touring : quad set up 4 FCS fins
  • SUP Foil in waves : S-Foil M 1250 and L 1500
  • SUP Foil downwind : S-Foil XL 1750 and XXL 2000
  • SUP Foil wakeboarding : S-Foil M 1250 and L 1500
  • Windfoil : S-Foil L 1500
  • Wing Foil : S-Foil XL 1750 and XXL 2000


The foil is not made to go looking for powerful waves that break quickly. It is a way to discover new spots, to go on relatively soft waves that do not break and that will allow you to fully exploit the swell train with your foil. Getting in line up with all surfers is totally inadvisable and really doesn’t make sense.

It is important to stay away from surfers, swimmers and obstacles during your sessions. We recommend the use of a helmet, a protective jacket and a full neoprene suit.

It is therefore necessary to take all the precautions of use in surfing, sup, wing foil. In this practice, we should not overestimate ourselves.
Start in small conditions with soft waves (-70 cm) and especially do not go in conditions of hollow and powerful waves.

The practice of foiling can become dangerous for you and others if you do not respect certain common sense instructions. Poor control or use on an overcrowded spot can result in cuts or serious injuries.

SROKA declines all responsibility in the event of an accident involving a SROKA foil. The practice of foiling is the sole responsibility of the user.


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