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Sroka Air V2 Inflatable Wing Foil Pack

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Sroka Inflatable Wing Foil Pack – Air Inflatable Board 5’3, 6′ or 6’4Wing in 5mS-Foil 1750.

Delivery 1 to 3 working days in metropolitan France if the product is in stock.

Whether you are a beginner or a wingfoil pro, you are looking for high-performance, durable and scalable equipment. For those who need space and travel without worrying about it, we have combined all the qualities of a top-of-the-range wingfoil pack with your desires for freedom. We have made every effort to offer you a board capable of offering you maximum sensations. Thanks to its carbon plate covered with a protective layer of high-quality PVC, the Sroka Air is unrivalled in its rigidity.

We offer several sizes of boards adapted to your size and level in these packs. They have a standard US dual rail housing.

If you have any questions about which Wing Foil Pack to choose, take the time to read our article “ How to choose your wingfoil pack ” to help you make the right choice.


The inflatable wingfoil pack is available with the v1 inflatable board and the v2 sail at 1499

Caractéristiques techniques des ailes et planches de foil Sroka

Included in the pack

  • A Sroka Air V2 foil board
  • The 2022 Wing Sroka V3 and its backpack
  • A complete S-Foil, its carrying case and all its screws
  • A tube of Tef-Gel
  • A protection for your board box to be glued to the frame of your foil
  • Wing Leash and Plank Leash
  • A dual-action pump that works for both board and wing
  • A large backpack with wheels to take everything on your trip (passage in the hold at no extra cost)
  • By buying as a pack rather than individually, you have a 13% discount on the price of each of the elements compared to a purchase in spare parts.
Wing V4 (1 sur 1)
Wing foil débutantSROKA Skly rider

The Sroka V2 inflatable board

Performance & Shape

Never before have the sensations of an inflatable board come so close to a hard board.

Regarding the shape, we worked on the rocker of the board so that the touches are as smooth as possible. The passage of chop is like in a dream. The new series is also lower on the water: the entire range is 5″ thick instead of 6″. You gain in sensation, but also in weight. The rails are thinner and bite less in surfing and in the tightest jibes. The generous outline at the main beam guarantees an easy start on your knees. The wide tail offers an appreciable gain in stability and responds to the slightest pumping stroke to get you off the ground. In the end, you have a very lively board under your feet once in the air and that takes off immediately, in comfort. It’s just waiting to slide, encourages the beginner. It rewards the expert practitioner on small sizes with an exhilarating nervousness and precision.

Once in the air, it’s impossible to tell the difference with a hard board with your eyes closed. The steering is super precise thanks to the carbon plate, the board responds perfectly to pumping as well as in maneuvers. In surfing, the kickpad serves as a reference point. The pads are ridged in the longitudinal direction to offer maximum grip, even for those who want to sail radically in strapless. And for those who love straps, the Sroka V2 allows you a Y-shaped installation, with two straps at the front and one at the back. It’s up to you to send your best jumps.

A unique construction on the market

We use materials that are unique in the inflatable foil board market. The two layers of PVC that make up your board come from the professional RIB boat industry. Woven from micro-filament, UV treated, thick and lightweight, it resists abrasion, shocks and the harshest conditions incredibly well. Combined with a very high-end Dropstich, the whole is of an incomparable rigidity that can be felt in the precision of the steering and the sensations delivered by the board. The adhesives we have chosen also come from a professional industry with quality requirements well above average, whether in terms of durability, resistance to temperature variations but also respect for workers and the environment.

In addition to the quality of the materials, our construction choices preserve your board. The carbon plate is completely covered with a layer of PVC. This is the only way to effectively protect it against scratches and impacts, and to prevent the plate from heating up in the sun and prematurely aging the adhesives.

The performance of your board is directly related to the quality of its materials, and we have chosen the best of them to build the Sroka V2.

Which foil board is right for you?

The Sroka Air 6’4 promises fast take-off and stability for larger riders. Its shape is easy to access (6’4×29 “x5” – 8kg). Its volume of 155L Allows you to focus solely on your sensations and the pleasure of flying. Its rocker allows you to easily recover if the board comes into contact with the water. As a family, it will be transformed into a perfectly safe SUP for children with its US fin compatible rails!

If you’re looking for a board that’s scalable but not punishing, the Sroka Air 6′ is the board for you. Its volume of 144L is harmoniously distributed over a shape of  intermediate dimensions (6’x28 “x5” – 7.8kg). It will also be perfectly adapted for the most important people who are not beginners and who want a suitable board.

Adventurers addicted to foiling will find in the 5’3 the all-purpose board, capable of making them fly on all spots. It’s possible to pump, take off in the light, surf and everything else you dream of with this model whose super efficient shape (5’3×29 “x5 – 7Kg – 115L)  is accessible to the lightest beginners (70Kg and under).

The Wing Sroka V4

The Wing Sroka V4 combines power, comfort, stability and lightness. Its ultra-taut spinnaker gets you off the ground immediately. Once in flight, the quality of the profile, the lightness of the wing, the battens and its rigidity offer an impressive Vmax with a pleasurable control. At the perfect point of balance Between surfing, speed and freestyle, it combines carefully selected aspect ratio and dihedral characteristics to achieve the ultimate weapon in all conditions. No need to accumulate kites in the garage, the Sroka V4 is super versatile and performs in 90% of sessions, from surfing to freestyle to freeride and lightwind.

Shape de la wing & Construction

The Wing Sroka V3 has a lightweight dihedral, which allows for better Vmx and more comfort at high rpm than a very pronounced dihedral. The Wing Sroka V3 accelerates endlessly while maintaining impeccable stability while surfing.

Its moderate ratio aspect ratio avoids untimely side-roll due to too little aspect ratio and offers superb handling at high speeds and excellent acceleration. The sensations of gliding and lightness are magical, you smash your records and you surf without realizing that you still have the wing in your hands. On large surfaces, we have chosen a larger Aspect Ratio to save in light winds and for better control in a straight line. On small surfaces, this ratio decreases: the 3m and 4m are more compact to be agile and send your best tricks.

The Z-shape of the flange helps to maintain a perfect profile and a super taut trailing edge. The tips are refined and twisted, effectively degassing excess power in the slaps and reducing the impact of the touches. The whole thing is perfectly rigid, very powerful at take-off and never stops accelerating in absolute comfort.

The Wing Sroka V3 is cleverly built with perfectly placed reinforcements to save maximum weight and excellent quality materials. The Wing V3 is therefore very stiff and dynamic. We pull ourselves out of the water immediately, even in the very, very light wind, as the pumping is efficient and the wing responds well. And all this without breaking the bank on cardio.

The segmentation angles of the most exposed flanges are reinforced with Kevlar. The semi-rigid handles are also reinforced to withstand all possible stresses. In the end, it’s a super light wing
(2.2 Kg for the 4m2 and 2.5 Kg for the 5m2)
and durable.