WING SROKA 3m – 4m – 5m – 6m

The Wing Sroka V3 combines power, comfort, stability and lightness. Its ultra taut leech makes you take off immediately. Once in the air, the quality of the profile, the lightness of the wing, the battens and its rigidity offer an impressive Vmax with a delightful control. At the perfect balance between surf, speed and freestyle, it combines carefully selected aspect ratio and dihedral characteristics to provide the ultimate weapon in all conditions. No need to stockpile kites in the garage, the Sroka V3 is hyper versatile and performs in 90% of the sessions, from surfing to freestyle to freeride.

On land, its shoulder bag, two inflation valves in addition to the one pump, handles and weight make it super easy to carry and store.

  • Quality backpack with shoulder straps and elastic straps to reduce the size of the bag when travelling or in the boot.
  • Leash
  • Standard kite tip compatible with the vast majority of pumps on the market
  • Repair kite with self-adhesive patches and a spare one-pump kit
  • Double inflation/deflation valve + one-pump


New V3 wing SROKA high jump

Shape of the Sroka Wing V3

The Wing Sroka V3 has a light dihedral, which allows for better Vmx and more comfort at high speeds than a very pronounced dihedral. The Wing Sroka V3 accelerates endlessly while maintaining impeccable stability in the surf.

Its moderate aspect ratio prevents unwanted sideways roll due to low aspect ratio and offers superb high speed handling and excellent acceleration. The feeling of gliding and lightness is magical, you break your records and surf without realizing that you still have the wing in your hands. On the big surfaces, we have chosen a bigger Aspect Ratio to gain in the short time and for a better control in straight line. On the smaller surfaces, this ratio decreases: the 3m and 4m are more compact to be agile and to send your best tricks.

The Z-shape of the bladder keeps the profile perfect and the trailing edge super tight. The tips are refined and twisted, allowing for efficient release of excess power in the slap and reducing the impact of the touchdowns. The whole thing is perfectly rigid, very powerful on take off and never stops accelerating in absolute comfort.

Construction of the Wing Sroka V3

The Wing Sroka V3 is cleverly constructed with perfectly placed reinforcements for maximum weight savings and excellent quality materials. The Wing V3 is therefore very stiff and dynamic. You can get out of the water immediately, even in very, very light winds, because the pumping is so effective and the wing responds well. And all this without having to spend a lot of money on cardio.

The most exposed segment angles are reinforced with Kevlar. The semi-rigid handles are also reinforced to withstand all possible stresses. All in all, this is a super light and durable wing.

With the Wing

  • Quality backpack, with shoulder straps and elastic straps to reduce the size of the bag when travelling or in the boot
  • A comfortable and super strong leash for maximum safety
  • Standard kite tip compatible with the vast majority of pumps on the market
  • Repair kite with self-adhesive patches and a spare one-pump kit
  • Two inflation/deflation valves in addition to the one-pump for easy set up

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg

7 reviews for Wing SROKA V3

  1. Pifou D. (verified owner)

    Super wing, maniable et bonne tenue. Je ne suis pas un expert mais les premières sorties donnent toute satisfaction. Seul bémol, il n’y a pas de fenêtre, ça oblige à lever l’aile de temps en temps sur les spots avec beaucoup de monde ou des bateaux au mouillage.

    • Bruno Sroka

      Bonjour. Merci de votre retour. Effgectivement nous avons supprimer les fenêtres c’est source de SAV et nous essayons d’avoir le minimum de SAV donc on a supprimer les fenêtre depuis deux ans. Bon ride

  2. Marie Claude

    je suis novice en wingfoil et j’ai décidé d’investir dans la wing sroka en 5 m , qui me semble être le meilleur rapport qualité prix
    elle est très facile d’utilisation car légère , c’est un vrai plaisir de naviguer avec .


    J’ai reçu la wing SROKA 5m en 3 jours, en parfait état. J’ai aussitôt navigué avec, c’est exactement ce que j’attendais ! La Wing est légère, puissante et rigide, j’ai pu partir rapidement et pourtant le vent était léger. Au top !

  4. Pascal A

    Je débute en Wing foil et j’ai pu être conseillé par l’équipe au téléphone. Je suis pour l’instant très content de la qualité et de la performance du produit, elle est très légère et facile à utiliser. Bref un très bon produit, à voir sur le long terme.

  5. Romain Daniel

    Reçu en quelques jours, j’ai hâte de la tester sur l’eau. La qualité semble être au rendez-vous pour le prix abordable (par rapport à celles sur le marché)

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