Complete pack Wing Foil SKY RIDER 6’3 + S-Foil + Wing

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Complete pack Wing Foil

The complete Wing Foil Pack SKYRIDER 6’3 x 29″ board + S-Foil + SROKA Wing is ideal for initiation and progress in Wing Foil. The SKY RIDER is a 100% French-made board Full fiber glass sandwich construction  (In option; full carbon sandwich construction) with main qualities such as resistance and durability. Equipped with the SROKA S-Foil you will have the best board to begin Wing Foil.

Our S-Foil is available in 4 sizes: M 1250, L 1500, XL 1750, XXL 2000. The choice of your foil must be done according to your use, your level and your size for unequaled performances.

Our SROKA Wing is available in two sizes: 4m2 and 5m2 for a range of use from 8 knots to 35+ knots.

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Wing size

Wings size

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An accessible and upgradeable Wing Foil Pack

The Pack SKY RIDER 6’3 + S-Foil+ Wing is ideal pack to begin and progress with ease the Wing Foil. No matter what conditions, the SKY RIDER 6’3 ensures an easy and light take-off with great board control and maneuverability.

The S-Foil is sold with a foil case. It is also available for the purchase the board protective cover and assembled foil cover for safer gear transportation (notice that the hydrofoil must be disassembled and rinsed with the fresh water after each session.)

You will be able to use your SKY RIDER 6’3 board to practice SUP Foil in the waves, downwind as well as Windfoil Freeride!

A powerful and pleasant Wing

The SROKA Wing has been designed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA. Bruno has more than 15 years experience of competition gear development that he gained by working with the biggest watersport equipment brands. Our objective was to develop a light, resistant, pleasant and stable Wing offering a great performance and fun from the first session and being able to continue to progress to the higher level.

Before achieving our satisfied level of performance, comfort and quality we were looking for we have done many researches, prototypes and testings. The SROKA Wing is available in 2 sizes: 4m2 and 5m2 for a range of use from 8 knots to more than 35 knots. The 6 m2 SROKA wing will be ready in June 2020

For making your gear choice please find below the ranges of use for each wing according to the wind force.

Choosing the right wing size is very important for your navigation

S-Foil: versatility at the service of performance.

We have developed the S-Foil six-in-one inspired by the ever-changing conditions of the Brittany coast. No need any more to dream of Hawaiian conditions, the S-Foil SROKA adapts to any type of condition, practice and any level.

The T6061 aluminum mast provides excellent rigidity jibing and is available in several sizes. This is an essential element to get the maximum underfoot reactivity while surfing the swell. As for the aluminum K-Foil and W-Foil, it is equipped with high quality 3K pre-preg carbon wings which will assure the best performance. The fuselage is made of cut out of the mass aluminum to ensure maximum strength and rigidity.

The front wing fixes to the fuselage by fitting together one into the other for simple use before and after each session and excellent overall rigidity. The aluminum mast is inserted into the fuselage and the pre-preg carbon rear wing is screwed on top of it.


The perfect size for learning WING FOIL

The SKY RIDER 6’3 board has been designed to facilitate the learning of Wing Foil. Boards 120 L volume allows anyone who is learning to do so in great stability and ease once up foiling. This is due to reduced length in favor of the width and thickness of the board. Compact, stable and easy to control, this board will accompany you from your beginning but also as you progress to a very advanced level. Its ease of pumping is encouraging and allows you to enjoy at the best the swell.


The ideal board for learning foiling

Ideal in the long and slow waves or downwind the SKYRIDER 6’3 equipped with the S-Foil SROKA will be your perfect combination for enjoying at the best your SUP foiling sessions. Perfect compromise of the stability and performance.  With its generous 120 L volume and compact shape, the SKYRIDER 6’3 is the board to have in your quiver because it will make you never miss a session of SUP Foil or Downwind.


The SUP board convertible to Windfoil

At the deck of the the SKYRIDER 6’3 you have a mast insert integrated in the board. This is ideal board for Windfoil. By adapting an S-Foil L 1500 cm2 wing you will be able to foil, glide and jibe starting from 8 knots. Once you will remove the windsurfing sail and you will enjoy the waves with your SUP Foil SROKA S-Foil. Another positive point for those who want to simplify the transportation of the equipment and save money by not having to buy specific equipment for each sport.


Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Champion Kitesurfer and Adventurer). He is proud to ensure that each product is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use and irreproachable quality, comfort and durable over time.


The foil must not be used in powerful waves that breaks fast. It’s a way to discover new spots, to go on relatively soft waves that don’t break and that will allow you to fully exploit the swell  on your foil. Getting in line up with all surfers is totally inadvisable and makes no sense at all.

It is important to position yourself further away from the surfers, swimmers and obstacles during your session.

We recommend the use of a helmet, a protective jacket and a full neoprene wetsuit.

It is therefore necessary to take all same precautions as in surfing, sup, wing foil. While practicing this sport, you should not overestimate yourself, start in small conditions with soft waves (less than 70 cm) and and not in hollow and powerful waves.

The practice of foil can become dangerous for you and others if you don’t follow some common sense guidelines. Poor control or use on a crowded spot can result some cuts or serious injuries.

The SROKA company declines all responsibility in the event of an accident involving the SROKA foil. The use of the foil is under the full responsibility of the user.


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