Wing Foil Pack Sky Rider – S-foil 1750 – Wing 5m

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Complete Wing Foil Pack Sky Rider 5’5, 5’8 or 6’3S-Foil 1750Wing Sroka 5m

Available end of April/May

The feeling of freedom and lightness that theWing foilprovides will make you dream. You are also convinced by the ease of use: all you have to do is choose the right wingfoil pack. You want your wing package to be of impeccable quality, scalable but accessible, responsible, affordable and efficient. At Sroka Company, we offer complete Wing Foil packages, whose foil boards are designed and manufactured in France (Brittany), highlighting local know-how and industry. The Sky Rider wingfoil packs let you choose the size of the board according to your level and your size. The Sky Rider 6’3 will be excellent under the feet of the tallest riders and complete novices. Thanks to its mast foot insert, it is also compatible with the Wind Foil. The Sky Rider 5’8 is a versatile model and perfect for starting most sizes and evolving for a long time on many supports like the SUP Foil. Finally, the Sky Rider 5’5, the most progressive of the three, will allow the lightest beginners to make their first edges easily, then to get a maximum of sensations from this performant board.

When combined withthe S-Foil with its 1750 front wing and the Wing Sroka 5m, you will enjoy a very wide range of use. It will also be possible, with the same equipment, to enjoy several other disciplines such as SUP Foil, Wind Foil, Wake Foilor Surf foil. If you buy in a pack rather than individually,you also get a 13% discount on the price of each item. Please note: the 5’8 and 6’3 fiberglass models do not have straps inserts for the Wing foil. The 6’3 does have straps inserts for windfoil. The carbon models are equipped with inserts.

Find out everything there is to know about Wingfoil Sky Rider Sroka Packs and how to make the right choice. If you still have doubts about the pack you need, hard or inflatable for example, or the size of the board, a more complete article on the subject is available to help you choose the right wing pack.

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Sky Rider foilboards.

Bien que nous ayons changé le design de nos planche de foil, les mêmes savoir faire locaux, performances et techniques de construction vous attendent sous la peinture. We are also expanding the range. The Sky Rider 5’8 mid-range model is the missing link in versatility you’ve been waiting for. We wanted to make these boards models of durability and performance. They are able to make a novice fly as well as to offer strong sensations to a confirmed practitioner. These boards are also a sign of our commitment. From the birth of the idea, to their construction, through testing and design, everything happens in Brittany, right next to the premises of our company in Brest!

Find out how to choose the right Wing Pack for you and our Sky Rider boards. For details of the boards, click here!


Versatility, durability, and performance

To ensure that the longevity of your board is commensurate with your investment, it benefits from a full sandwich construction lined with a protective layer. To provide you with maximum performance and comfort on the water, we worked the hull with a double concave and a cut-out on the tail. This construction will get you out on the water as quickly as possible and will make you leave immediately and lightly in case of a touch on the surface of the water. Thanks to their chunky shape, these boards are very comfortable for a comfortable knee start, and high flight and pumping performance.


A French construction

For our Sky Rider foil boards, everything happens in France. The idea was born in Finistère, the first test phases were carried out in the Brest region, and the construction in Morbihan. We are doing everything we can to support our local jobs and reduce our carbon footprint. Even our design responds to French imperatives: our color choices voluntarily exclude red, yellow or others, prohibited in French productions because of their high lead content. Sharing this equipment and this passion with you makes us proud, as well as protecting our playground and democratizing the practice of foiling.

The S-Foil Sroka and its 1750cm2 front wing

We have improved our S-Foil. In addition to its performance, rigidity and versatility, our foil is now fully mobile. Start in a discipline with a combo, then adapt your S-Foil to your evolution and your new desires. If the S-Foil offers you many possible combinations, we have made sure to design, test and develop the best one to equip your wing foil pack. Thus, we have made our S-Foil and its 1750 (XL) front wing our most popular combo. It combines appreciable performance for experienced practitioners, and remains stable and smooth thanks to its mid-aspect ratio. If your first flights are very smooth, this foiling front wing keeps all its potential to make you evolve. You can learn more about our S-FOIL here. We have also made sure that your S-Foil is fully modular. You can interchange all present and future parts, from the top plate to the front wing. As you grow, you’ll be able to add different sizes of mast, fuselage, and front wings, depending on the disciplines you’re most interested in and your sailing style.


The Wing 5m2 Sroka

TheWing Sroka 2021 has been completely revised from the 2020 model. It offers an original design, but especially increased performance. It will allow you to generate maximum power at low regime with for a reduced size. You will be able to fly and surf in all conditions, without needing to over-cover yourself. Among our four available Wing surfaces, it is the 5m2 that was unanimously chosen to equip the Sroka Wing Pack. With its excellent range of use, it is indispensable for all quivers, levels and sizes. Its long handles and light weight will make you enjoy long runs, surfing, and flying fun whether you are a beginner or an expert.

A stable and efficient Wing

Thanks to its wingspan, your Wing Sroka always remains stable. From your first edge to surfing endless swell trains, the extension of your Wing reduces your drag to increase your speed tenfold. A sectorial cut of the spinnaker allows you to create and maintain a trough that gives you total control of your power, even in gusty winds. Its low speed optimization will prevent you from having to over-top to take off and thus encumber yourself with a soft sail.

A Wing that is easy to handle

We only keep the handles that are essential for a perfect and immediate grip, to save weight and comfort. Their length (37cm), their materials and their rigidity will make them undeniable assets to succeed in all your maneuvers. In the end, you will have in your hands a light, perfectly smooth, accessible and manageable Wing. By saving your stamina, it will refocus you on the pleasure of flying by becoming the extension of your arms during your session.


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