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S-Foil High Aspect 2000 Front Wing


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The new HA2000 is the ultimate wing for pumping. You’ll be able to pump endlessly with minimal effort. The HA2000 will allow you to break records for duration or learn the discipline with ease.

After dozens of prototypes, we found the wing with the perfect ratio aspect ratio and the most optimal glide/lift compromise for pumping. We use a Lift profile that carries and allows you to stay in the air at low speeds.

The HA2000 is interchangeable with all other front wings and fuselages in the SROKA S-Foil range.

This fin in 2000 works with all stabilizers and fuselages.

Full foil available here.

"Defy the laws of gravity and surpass yourself in publicpping"

Dockstart / Pumping

SWith a wingspan of 1.40m, its precisely designed lift profile and its ultra-high ratio aspect ratio (9.8) allow it to be the most efficient and easy front wing on the market in dockstart. With extreme lift from low speeds, this wing allows exceptional pumping ease for experts and increased lift for beginners. Gliding smoothly is no longer impossible. Enjoy an unrivalled pumping experience.

With the new HA 2000 lift, you will discover the pleasure of pumping. You’ll smash your distance records from the first tries and feel the adrenaline rush as you push yourself. This wing makes it possible to surpass all your previous performance.

If going flat on a SUP foil has always seemed impossible to you, you will change your mind after trying it. With a little technique and a little paddle stroke, you’ll be surprised you can take off so easily.

Wingspan: 140cm
Rope: 19.2cm
Maximum thickness: 2.3cm
Surface area: 2000cm²


It is important to understand that wing size is a key parameter in hydrodynamics. It determines the induced drag. This drag is due to the pressure difference between the top and bottom of the wing, which translates into resistance to the foil’s advancement. The larger the kite, the greater the drag, which will slow down the foil and require more effort to maintain flight.

Our choice is not to follow the race to the biggest wing. Our goal is to offer you THE RIGHT WING that works perfectly for pumping.

The more you increase the wingspan, the more the drag increases. This implies that more power must be generated to move. We are less efficient.

We work to allow you to have THE right kite and the only one that allows you to pump efficiently. Well-mastered equipment is better than a series of unsuitable and non-performance-oriented wings. We have chosen to have an efficient and high-performance pumping wing.


We have carried out numerous field tests and detailed calculations on specific software used by the América’s Cup. Our tests have shown that the aspect ratio of 9.8 offers the best compromise between lift and drag, allowing you to maximize your pumping efficiency.


Its lift profile (lift-oriented) allows it to start very early, while having a high maximum speed. Our Lift profile is more generous towards the leading edge and allows for excellent grip at low revs. This makes it ultra-efficient at pumping and more forgiving.


The tips are refined and designed to reduce disturbance and reduce drag to maximize speed.

Characteristic 2000 HA Lift 1350 HA Lift
Wingspan (cm) 140 110
Surface area (cm²) 1999 1350
Maximum Rope (cm) 19,2 16,9
Aspect Ratio (Wingspan² / Area) 9,8 8,9
Maximum Thickness (cm) 2,3 2,1
Weight (g) 1490 788
Material Full UHM Carbon Full UHM Carbon
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champion kitesurf bruno sroka

Bruno SROKA's feelings

In dockstart: “No need to pick up speed before jumping on the board, you can start from a fixed point and the kite flies. Then, simple little squeezes will keep you in the air. It’s the perfect kite to break records.”

What differences with other wings in the SROKA range

Classic 2000 or 1750

The HA2000 L has many advantages over the Classic 2000. This is because it offers better pumping efficiency and superior flight finesse, which translates into an increased ability to glide once you stop pumping or let go of the canopy. In addition, its higher wingspan gives it increased stability compared to the Classic, at the expense of handling.

High-Aspect 1350 Lift

Compared to the HA1350 Lift, the HA2000 lift will be an evolution in all respects: more stability, more lift, more glide of flight. As the HA1350 Lift is intended for wingoil and surfing, the 2000 HA L is exclusively geared towards pumping and downwinding in very small conditions or on flat water.

The importance of the rigid mast with such a large front wing

The forces exerted on the wing are proportional to the surface area of the wing, its wingspan, and the speed at which it moves through the water. The use of a front wing of this size increases the lever arms on the mast, and uIf the
mast flexes, it results in a loss of energy
. Therefore, to ensure a comfortable and ideal pumping experience with a large front wing, it is crucial to have an extremely rigid mast that can withstand these significant forces.

With our aluminum S-foil mast (18.5 mm thick), you can have complete confidence regarding the rigidity. Its construction has already proven itself for a long time. You will be able to transmit 100% of your energy into the foil and be ultra precise in your maneuvers.

How to choose your set-up


We select the best materials for these high-tech parts. Around the ultra-dense and lightweight Airex foam , a pre-preg carbon is draped specifically with great care. You can feel its mechanical qualities in each pumping stroke to give back maximum energy and in the exceptional gliding sensations it provides.

The aluminum chassis of the S-Foil has nothing left to prove in terms of rigidity and strength. It doesn’t twist, twist or break. Even such a large scale does not put him at fault. The rigidity of the S-foil will give you confidence, it will react exactly as you expect.

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