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Wing Foil. An ocean of freedom.

No more constraints on land or at sea, the WingFoil will give you the most total freedom of expression as soon as you are launched! The Wing Foil is one of the latest developments in board sports. The arm-carried kite system was tested in 1984 on windsurfing boards. As this technique did not bring any advantage over the traditional board, the practice had fallen into oblivion, until the Hawaiian waterman, Kai Lenny, brought it back into fashion by using it on his SUPFoil board! WingFoil is the “5th element” of all board sports: a mix of Kite Surf, SurfFoil, Wind Surf and Stand Up Paddle. The combination of elements from each of these activities has created a new sport: Wing-Foil. What does it consist of? Positioned on a small board (of SUPFoil or SurfFoil) connected to an underwater Foil, the rider holds a kite in his hand (the Wing), which generates power with the wind grip. The Foil is an “underwater plane”, represented by two wings (front and back) parallel to the board and connected by a mast. The rider moves forward on the surface of the water by taking up speed with the Wing and, from a certain speed, the Foil generates a lifting force. This force will lift the rider, while at the same time making the board take off from the water. To learn more about how a Foil works, we invite you to visit this article in the News & Tutorials section. The WingFoil allows you to ride upwind, surf the waves or the wind swell. You will be able to free yourself from having waves to surf (as in SurfFoil). The Wing Foiling will multiply the number of sessions and sensations according to the conditions. You will no longer need to practice on a surf spot, because all water bodies become exploitable (especially inland water bodies such as lakes, rivers…).

Which Wing Foil equipment for my level?

SROKA Company imagines and designs, in Brittany, quality Wing-Foil, with a worked design. To find out more about the different constructions of our boardsclick here. We take the time to develop Wing wings that meet everyone’s needs: accessibility, performance and handling. We have kept our prices affordable so that our quality products are designed for everyone, and to allow as many people as possible to discover the many sensations of Wing Foiling. We innovate in our premises in Brittany, to offer you a growing range of equipment and accessories. We have thought about how to make the SROKA Wing as light as possible, while guaranteeing maximum rigidity and solidity. The handles have been positioned so that the Wing becomes an extension of your arms. We offer different sizes of Wing: 3.3m (latest novelty), 4m, 5m, 6m, allowing you to sail from 8 knots to 40 knots. Our Wing SROKA are designed to be light, easy and manoeuvrable. As an example, the weight of our Wing 4m is around 2.1 kg, and our new Wing 3m is less than 2 kg! The lightness of our wings in no way hinders their quality, as they are very well reinforced at key points. This design makes it one of the wings with one of the best lightness and quality ratios. To complete your equipment, we offer WingFoil accessories for sale on our SROKA Company website. To guarantee you safety, comfort and freedom of movement, find our hip leash, which allows Wing Foil to stay in contact with the wing, freeing your hands and being more comfortable in the movements of the wing. All our products are accessible to everyone and to all sizes. For this, the strap of our leash is adjustable and fits all sizes. Also, our SROKA Foot Straps-Foil will be perfect to navigate on the spot with stability and comfort. You will become one with your board during your session! Don’t forget the transport bag to travel and take your equipment with you in the best conditions. We have created the S-Foil SROKA, a six-in-one-Foil that will allow you to practice KiteFoil, SurfFoil, SUPFoil, WindFoil, WakeFoil, as well as WingFoil, depending on the conditions. SROKA Company is the first brand to offer quality Foils, designed and developed in Brittany, at an affordable price whilst maintaining versatility and performance. We supply this product with a specially designed carrying case for the Foil, to facilitate your movements. Our objective: to produce quality, in the right quantity, durable, and to reduce our impact. Our boards are made in Brittany, with a top-of-the-range production that only French know-how can offer. We are the only brand to industrialise the production of Wing Foil boards in France. As for the Foil, Bruno SROKA and his team have carefully selected all the materials that make up the different parts. The mast is 100% aluminium, as the construction of the foam masts is not strong and rigid enough in our opinion. To guarantee quality and traceability of manufacture, the T6061 aluminium chosen comes directly from Germany. The wings are made of carbon, offering you the best value for money. We are constantly looking to improve and develop our products and offer the best possible quality. Every product we sell is tested and approved by Bruno Sroka, three times World Kitesurfing Champion, and the first man to round Cape Horn on a kite. He makes it a point of honour that each of SROKA Company’s products is easy to use, while remaining of impeccable quality and at an affordable price. Bruno Sroka and his team offer you in the News & Tutos category, some advice to help you choose your WingFoil pack. Find our entire range, and even more, on our e-commerce website. You can also view, test and buy our products through our distribution network in France and internationally. Flying on the ocean is our passion, and we want to pass it on to you through Wing-Foil.



Inspired by nature, we fly, surf, paddle with our products developed in France. Developed for you: resistant and quality products, at an affordable price.

SROKA Company is a French brand developed by Bruno Sroka, 3 times world Kitesurfing champion and the first man to have crossed the Cape Horn with a kite. Born from the desire to share his passion while developing quality products that are durable over time, SROKA Company develops watersports equipment such as Kitesurf and Wind Foil, Kite Foil, Surf Foil, SUP Foil, Wing Foil, and inflatable Stand Up Paddle. Our objective: to make accessible watersports, by proposing the best products at the best price. This is why each of them is extensively tested and approved by our team on the French coast.

Join the water sports revolution. Share it with passion. Welcome to the Sroka Family. 


FAQ WING FOIL What is wing foil? Wingfoil, or wingsurfing, is the latest in board sports. It uses a foil board (inflatable or rigid) with a very light inflatable wing to fly over water and surf. This practice is a cross between kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing. Very accessible, its modern form appeared around 2019 and is becoming exponentially more popular. How fast can you go in a wing foil? Although average speeds are lower than for kitesurfing and windsurfing, with the right equipment, it is quite possible to exceed 20 or even 25 knots in wingfoil. For example, the top speed of our 1750 front wing for beginners has been measured at almost 20 knots. Our performance models like the 670 or the 950 High Aspect are much faster. 2) How do I get upwind with a foil kite? First of all, you need a minimum of speed to get upwind with a wing foil. Once you have a stable cruising speed, tilt your shoulders back slightly and lean your board with a slight heel push. Back up and retract the wing at the same time so that it is facing you. Keep your eyes on the heading. The back foot can be slightly further back than in a crosswind position. Be careful not to tuck the kite in too much or press the back foot too hard: you will lose power and speed or end up facing into the wind. Having a long mast (90cm) helps to get upwind, as you can take more angle with the foil. 3) Which leash should I choose for wing foiling? The leash is an essential accessory for safety in wing foiling. You should have a wing leash and a board leash. The kite leash should be elastic so that you don’t hurt your arm when you let go of the kite. It should be long enough to allow you to manoeuvre freely, but it should not drag you in the face either. It is best to avoid leashes like those used in surfing, as they can come back into your face when you pump. For the board leash, anything is possible as long as the accessory is solid (at least 6 mm thick). If straight leashes work, choose coiled leashes (or phone leashes) that don’t drag in the water, or hip leashes for ultimate comfort and safety. 4) Can I surf with a wing foil? Yes, you can surf with a wing foil. It’s the best in the business. It is possible to climb to the peak without tiring on the foil, then gybe to catch a wave like in surfing. You then put the kite in a neutral position by holding it by the leading edge handle and just enjoy the pure sensation of surfing! 5) What size wave should I go for with a wing foil? To start with, look for waves that don’t break. The longer the better. The ideal wave size to start wing foil surfing is between 40 and 80cm, after that you can increase as much as your equipment and level allows!   6) Where can I wing foil? You can wing surf in all possible spots as long as they are safe. You should not start with an onshore wind and an unfavourable current. Beware of crowded spots. It is best to find out in advance. Otherwise, there are countless spots. In the south, there is La Grande Motte, La Ciotat, Pointe Rouge, Hyères… and the Basque Country for surfing enthusiasts. The eastern lakes are not to be outdone with Annecy, Léman, Monteynard… The whole Atlantic coast is also full of spots, from La Baule to Belgium, via Brittany which offers both surfing and flat water. For example, there is Carnac, the Brest harbour, the Crozon peninsula… Outside of France, the Canaries are a trendy destination with conditions to suit all tastes. Check out the perfect holiday guide here…